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Pete Birle

Pete BirleDuring the day, Pete Birle works as a corporate communicator. In past lives, he has been a syndicated newspaper editor, a sportswriter, a New York City elementary school teacher, a college instructor — and a stand-up comedian. He has a bachelor’s and two master’s degrees from Fordham University. And he’s a licensed youth soccer coach and certified youth baseball coach.

What he considers himself to be, though, is a writer of children’s books who has happened to do a bunch of “other stuff.” He currently resides in Westfield, N.J., with his wife and three athletic boys, who, like him, are diehard New York Mets fans. They also provide him with plenty of ideas for books.

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A Burning Desire

"Doing it the right way, just like my dad." Sonny Hermano wants to follow in his father's footsteps and become a NYC fireman. But can he overcome his fear, knowing that his dad died in the Twin Towers on 9/11? Read Pete's latest book, Five Alarm, available at Rossiter-Ewers Publishing, to find out.