Introducing Pete Birle

Pete Birle has been passionate about books from the very beginning. First, he loved reading them. Then, while still a kid, he began writing them. From his first story, Hugo: The Mouse With No Tail (which he co-wrote with three elementary school friends), to countless magazine and newspaper articles, to his published books, Pete has never stopped writing.

His speciality: sports stories for kids. As a former youth athlete, Pete enjoys writing about the players, teams and games that were the highlight of his years growing up on the New Jersey Shore.

Peter Birle

A Burning Desire

"Doing it the right way, just like my dad." Sonny Hermano wants to follow in his father's footsteps and become a NYC fireman. But can he overcome his fear, knowing that his dad died in the Twin Towers on 9/11? Read Pete's latest book, Five Alarm, available at Rossiter-Ewers Publishing, to find out.

School Visits: Pete often visits schools to share with students his insights on writing and how he became a published children's book author. His presentations are always a hit with young readers and writers.